Tokyo Disneyland VS Tokyo Disneysea

Tough question, huh? Well that shouldn't be a problem for everyone else out of Japan but since we have to face that problem here, I'm here to somehow help you out. Or not. You know the drill.

So...which is really better among the two? Let's find out!

One thing that might be disappointing about Disneysea is that there is no castle. No Cinderella nor Sleeping Beauty's castle but they have Ariel's. It's still nice though! Probably one thing that makes it different from the rest of the Disneys. 

Yas! Tokyo Disneyland has Cinderella's Castle. Me likey. 

I don't think I would ever be old for Disneyland per se but just in case you ever feel that way, Disneysea  is a great place to visit for those who feel like they're too old for Disney because man, it's nothing like Disneyland. Yup. It's that European/Carribean vibe that makes it very suitable for the not-so-kid at heart. It's so nice!


Nakameguro @ Night 2018

I went to Nakameguro because you know, about time I take a break from all the work that I’ve been doing. I went there at around 4 in the afternoon and it was my first time going there when it’s very crowded and festive. What else do I have to say?

Definitely very different than just going alone. But also kind of nice because you get to enjoy the view with the rest of the crowd. You know what I mean? 

I had to go to this. Because if I wait for my next off, it wouldn’t be this pretty anymore. 
I just realized I said it’s different that just going alone when I still went alone only at different time. LOL.

This is very clever to me. No?

I had oysters! Actually thought they’d be oyster shots when I ordered them but this was very good too! 
The wine was not even good but the whole idea of it is very charming. Strawberries were very sour too! Put them both together is not any good but when you add walking around Nakameguro in the equation, quite fine. 

Korean Night Out! Annyeong!

Almost once (twice or thrice) a year, we do this. We eat-out out of the accumulated money we gather from our tip box plus whatever money our head manager give us. It was around 300 bucks. 

I just got to talk to these girls and I guess they’re my faves. Well Natalie I’ve known since forever but she just turned 18 so we just recently got into talking. 

Japanese Drugstore Makeup! Again.

So when I was at the counter, the pharmacist was like, it must be hard being a girl. Heck, yes! Anyways, I bought this because I guess I’m so ready for new make up and that I’m ready to welcome the orange phase. Also known as the tita phase. I’m so over with pink. Pft. Anyways, here’s what I got from the drugstore and what I think about it so far. 

Being a tita comes with having to take care of your skin. I never thought in my life that I have to do this everyday to prevent future damage. Thank goodness for my Asian genes though.

I seriously don’t get this. I had something similar before. I didn’t get that either. Anyways, all I can say is that this is definitely not a pore eraser. Oh maybe they should specify how big of a pore it can cover. Mine is extra! 

Can’t believe that I’m the fool again. Westlife, anyone? So yeah, when I was looking for foundations, I was soo drawn into this. In fairness it actually gave a good swatch! Not so when applied to the face. I should start swatching…

Sakura Flavored Snacks! 2018

Can I just say? Like, man Sakura and snacks are two of my favorite things. 

Sakura flavored Starbucks drink. It was yummy! Although I completely forgot that 

Gummy! Also recently one of my favorite snacks to have. To be honest though, this is not the best gummy I had. But oh well. 

This though! So good! 

Found this gummy later. 

It has sour powder which is soo nice of a contrast to the sweet gummy.

Top 5 Snacks in Harajuku

Crepes! I mean, if you like sweet stuff, (even if you don’t) you should try crepes in Harajuku before leaving Japan. If you ever visit Takeshita Street, you can find a lot of crepe shops you can’t miss it. I have tried crepes from all of it and they all taste the same so don’t even bother choosing. It’ll just give you headaches.

My favorite is this WALNUT CHEESECAKE CREPE that they only sell in Angels Heart. The oldest crepe shop in Harajuku. I wonder why they don’t have it elsewhere because this right here is perfection. 
There’s this different crepe shop where they put brûléed pudding instead of whip creams and fruits and all that and for some reason, it’s simple and delicious.

I think I like the walnut better though. IDK. I want to try it one more time but based from experience, sometimes once is enough. 

There’s this shop. Two snacks! Also recently, they launched the white sauce version. The difference is very subtle.

It’s actually both yummy.
The White Sauce version.

Their s…
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