Tokyo Disneyland VS Tokyo Disneysea

Tough question, huh? Well that shouldn't be a problem for everyone else out of Japan but since we have to face that problem here, I'm here to somehow help you out. Or not. You know the drill.

So...which is really better among the two? Let's find out!

One thing that might be disappointing about Disneysea is that there is no castle. No Cinderella nor Sleeping Beauty's castle but they have Ariel's. It's still nice though! Probably one thing that makes it different from the rest of the Disneys. 

Yas! Tokyo Disneyland has Cinderella's Castle. Me likey. 

I don't think I would ever be old for Disneyland per se but just in case you ever feel that way, Disneysea  is a great place to visit for those who feel like they're too old for Disney because man, it's nothing like Disneyland. Yup. It's that European/Carribean vibe that makes it very suitable for the not-so-kid at heart. It's so nice!


Watson’s Haul! New Makeup! 

The reason being is that I had to dispose of all my makeup because they could cause infection for my new eyes. No face powder too because it might go in my healing eyes. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, as far as it may be to the eyes, lipsticks count. Maybe. This tip is actually something I’ve read of online so don’t copy. Also, I just needed an excuse to buy makeup!

BB Cream + Concealer duo. I swear I’m almost done with the concealer. I don’t know if it’s the design that’s wasting the product or maybe there’s just not enough product in this one.  Also maybe because I have too much to conceal. Haha! The concealer is creamy and very easy to work with. The BB Cream, I’m okay with but nothing special about it.

Also something I am not a fan of. I mean, it’s okay but it’s a little runny for me. For something that promises too much, it doesn’t do much. Sorry. It's very comparable to a tinted moisturizer. 

I swear this is not a list of things I regret buying. More like, things that I don…

Barbara's Heritage Restaurant

My momma took us here a day after papa’s Birthday because I guess they were having their own party so they were closed. Something like that. It was nothing I’ve seen like before. My mom said it’s like the restaurant Zamboanga but I can’t really remember much from it except their Kare-Kare was good. 
Lechon Belly 
It’s only good if you’d have a piece and not a plate. Or maybe it’s just me. 

The sotanghon was good! Or at least that what my momma said.

The place was very nice. Ancient. Definitely something I saw from films and clips from the past. 
our plates
I have no idea who’s plate this was because it was my sister Mika who was taking pictures. 
carnivore yup
My favorite amongst them all. Seriously. I can probably eat the whole thing! Okra, talong, kang kong, and mangga with bagoong! FTW. 
salad bar deserts

New Camera | Fujifilm X-A3

New year, new camera. I've been wanting to buy a new camera for a while now. And voila! I was actually choosing between this one and the Sony Alpha but the camera guy suggested I get the Fujifilm. No regrets! The main reason I wanted to switch is that my previous camera was kind of bulky and heavy and you know, I can't. Also, my sisters asked for it. Hahaha

It came with this lens. I had two before but I didn't really use the other one I had so I guess having one this time is okay. I mean, I'm no photographer in any means so I'm okay with just the OG. 

I'm just getting used to my new camera. I like that it's lighter. I like the vintage vibes to it. I like it in general. That's all! Also, Imma share with you the first shot that I ever took with my camera.

mi loves
That's all!

My Girls!

Yas. My high school besties. Super awesome that we get to see each other again. It’s so hard to match our offs. Like for example, these two saw each other on their way to work and they literally only said “hi” to each other and moved on. ADULTING IS HARD. 
Sago’t Gulaman with Diana’s favorite vinegar. She literally asked the waiter if the complimentary crackers is refillable because the vinegar is life!

Sinigang na Bangus Belly
I can’t believe I ate the ampalaya on this dish. No bitterness at all!!! My mama (also lola) love Ampalaya with Spam and egg and they would always offer me some and say that it’s not bitter but it would always taste bitter so I already gave up on ampalaya but the one they served there literally taste like nothing that I don’t even know if it’s still  a good thing. But I liked it. 
Baked Chicken Asado
Not sure if any of mentioned name is official but that's basically what it is so ya know! 

After dinner, we went to Trinoma and thought we shou…


I just want to take this moment and greet everyone a very Happy New Year! As you all know I'm in the Philippines and I just thought, WHATTA great way to start the year, right? I'm with my family and nothing can beat that. Anyways, here are some pictures I want to share with y'all.

The Chinese in us. Can’t hide it. Actually, I observed that even non-Chinese people believe in this kind of thing as well. I don’t have anything against this kind of belief but I wish everyone would be more hard-working than they are right now rather than just believing in this thing. You get me? 
weapon of choice! 
Girl, we slayed the night! We live in a pretty quiet village and I think we were the loudest that night. 

Little Feast. 

In the morning, we went to Intramuros’ Manila Cathedral. It was beautiful! 
GROUPIE Inside The Cathedral
We then went to Robinson’s Place Manila and watched Meant To Beh. It was a little bit boring to be honest. I liked the story though. Also, ang cute ni baby!!! Ta…
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