Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Missed my First Ever Flight (What to do?)

Somebody wake me up from this disaster. So...it happened. As I am typing this, I missed a flight for the very first time in my life. Also, the most ugly part of it all is that I am the one who have to pay for the damage. I am pretty much calm now so here are 5 tips I would like to share with you so that you'd be able to keep your cool too.

stuck in traffic 


So, my limousine bus from point A to point B got stuck in traffic. We were so behind schedule. I remember 10 minutes before the closing time, we were still 19kms away from destination. My check-in counter closed at 11:40 this morning and the bus that I was in arrived 5 minutes pass that. Still trying to put up a fight, I swear I run so fast to check what I can do. Not much, apparently. I went to the information center and asked what I can do. She said check the counter to see if there's anyone there and ask if I can still enter but when I went, no one. LITERALLY no one. Nanghina ako mga bes.


Let's face it. The reason we're agonizing over this thing is that we know it's not the airline's fault. Because if it were, you'll probably not as problematic as you are right now. Accept that you've miscalculated everything and from there, try to move on! I mean, I guess I'm lucky that the damage is just around 400$ and that I can earn that again when I come back but for those of you who have lost double or triple the amount, I feel your pain. I mean, this is no way easy for me! I booked one year before my flight just to be able to find the best deal only for me to blow it up like this. Goodness gracious. NO.

3.  EAT

Eat your heart out, girl! I mean like I told you, there's nothing much you can do about it. Eat!


Making a mistake is not cool. Repeating the same mistake is another. Promise to yourself that this would be the last time you would miss a flight ever again. EVER!



I was calmed down by a blog post I read online so here's to hoping this post would calm you too.

Shinjuku Illumination 2017

Shortly after my Akihabara trip, I went to Shinjuku hoping it would be colorful again. It was colorful 3 years ago. It was pink again like it was last year. I’m not complaining. Much. 

It was still very nice. I mean, if it’s the season, it’s always nice to appreciate all the little things like this. I mean, looking at it, it’s actually slightly different. Also, the Marine Tower is lit this season! 

Also, I swear I’ve seen it lit in green and gold/orange. 

It was pretty in pink!

At this very point, I was very sleepy but I was so happy! 

Also, not so far away from the Southern Terrace, are small places with lights on as well. 

Also, they added hearts! 

2 hearts. 

I don’t know if it was present last year but they also had this thing going on outside the new Shinjuku Station.

It was pretty in blue. 

 Also, this drink. It was okay. You know, I don’t really like raspberry in general but this candied raspberry thing is good. 

They also have this pathway that I have no one to walk with but it was all good! ;) 

Then this one. I have no idea. That’s all!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Akihabara Illumination 2017


I think I have mentioned before that I don’t really have a business to do in Akihabara which have not changed yet as of this writing but ya know you gotta go where you gotta go! I actually went to buy a laptop and I knew they have a mini illumination thingy going on and so yeah! It was cute. 

They have this illumination thing going on very near the station. It was actually the first kick of this year’s illumination post so I was really very excited. 


Akihabara has its charm. I probably just haven’t discovered it yet. I mean, most people I ask usually say it’s their fave spot in Tokyo. How wrong they can be, right?

Surprisingly, this is my favorite thing in the whole set-up. It’s very simple but I like it. 

mini trees

This Christmas Tree shaped structure seems to be the highlight of the illumination. It did not disappoint. 

It’s not extravagant whatnot but it’s something. It’s actually just outside of a big building there and with all the stress from work, I bet it’s nice to pack-up and see something like this. 


There are more colors of course. It’s for you to see though! See you! Bye~

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Shibuya Mornings

So my friend for 21 years visited Japan from Australia and she wanted to meet up so hell yeah! Our mothers are chismis mates way back Ericka and I were younger so...basically sisters.

Anyways, the train was hella late! We were supposed to meet at 9 but then I missed the train prior so I messaged her I’ll be 10 mins. late and then the train thing happened. Always! Anyways! 


We didn’t go to many places. We just went to Omotesando, Harajuku, and back to Shibuya. Actually it was their last day in Japan when we met and as much as we want to, we couldn’t cram everything in because your girl has to go to work at night. 


We were able to catch up though! I haven't seen this girl for almost 9 years and way back high school, we weren't really inside of each other's circle anymore but you know, I know that whatever happens, we still got each other's back and that I could always run to her and stuff. VOILA! Our meet-up didn't feel awkward or anything. IT WAS AWESOME.

Takeshita Street

Yas! Well of course we gotta have this picture with Hachiko! I think I took this type of photo with most of my friends who visited Japan.

Shibuya :)

Lunch time! We were so hungry that we just went to the first place that serves rice!! The Filipino in us tho!

My pasalubong from Australia! :) Thank you, sis! 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Shibuya Nights

I swear I didn’t look like this before the filter. Your girl was haggard as hell! I work in this street so I thought I’d venture a little bit.

It rained unexpectedly and you know, it sucks because I didn’t bring my umbrella. But oh wells.

Yas!!!! I feel like I outgrew the stuff that they sell here but I like the aura of the store. Very youthful very nice.

I like this! Sooo Burlesque!

One thing I don’t do a lot when I’m at Harajuku is to go to hidden places. I would definitely go to more hidden places in the future! So anyways, I found this sad looking tree with a snowman deco. But I mean, it’s still very nice! The shop that has this
is kind of vinatge-y so it’s matchy matchy.

Shibuya! Ramble Crossing.  

On my way home, I went to one of my favorite ramen shop, Ramen Sakura! I was actually hesitant to go because it was raining and out of the way but I went anyways. In life, sometimes you really have to take a detour. Ciao!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Mum Thinks I Need These 4-ish 

We all love our mom. My mom can be soo generous! Like what I am about to show you.

It was my ninong who brought the pasalubong from the Philippines and boy was he surprised by how heavy the thing was. Also received 1万 from my ninong! Also, free breakfast! Yas ninong! Slay! 
bare necessities 

I’m so happy to have received Nestea’s Milk Tea because I was soo looking forward to know what the hype is all about and it was actually delicious! 

I’ve been wearing these non-stop lately. Thanks mama! 

Nuclear Ramen challenge up on my YouTube channel. I don’t want to say much but it’s not that delicious as it is. That’s all!  
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.