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24H in Osaka

When duty calls. I was sent by my company in Tokyo to Osaka because! I'm actually so thrilled by this because it's an all paid trip and stuff and also, I've been meaning to go to Osaka! Not for work though! For the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but this will do! I mean, next time probably.
Glico Clown
I don't actually know the exact relevance but I get the idea somehow. I won't say so you wouldn't have anything to say against me. Huh! 
Too bad we weren't able to eat crab because when we were finish working, all the crab shops are already closed. Bummer! It's probably that famous that shops ran out of it quick. Next time!

I may have missed the rest but I wouldn't miss Takoyaki! I had too much of it too be honest. But! I'm not complaining! It's not my favorite food for nothing. And I was told that Takoyaki in Osaka is different and man it is. It was delicious!
Dotonbori at Night
Because we couldn't have crab, we ended up to a p…

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